2021 in Review

2021 was an interesting year…

And when I say interesting, I mean it with the Minnesotan connotation. IYKYK.

I hadn’t realized how much I blocked out until I sat down to write this recap.

Like oh boy, I forgot about all the politics in the beginning… The insurrection. The relief we didn’t get Trump again. Although is Biden really much better? Anyway, I do not really want to get into this. I started tuning out a lot of politics and the news back in 2016 and I have been blissfully keeping it that way. But if you want to check out a post about my feelings at that time, I think this one best encompasses it.

In hindsight though, totaling my car in January was a blessing. I hated that car. I am pretty sure the transmission was going to crap out on me and I’d get screwed. Instead, I got my lovely Hyundai Elantra with heated seats, sun/moon roof, Bluetooth and android auto – all of which I really love! It’s made driving to and from the city as much as I do enjoyable. This all has worked out nicely since I didn’t know at the time how much I’d be driving (thanks a lot Rob -_-) and used car prices basically skyrocketed right after I bought it. It’s funny to think my car is now worth more than it was when I bought it.

I spent a lot of time outdoors and I hope this year repeats that.

I also was able to get my vaccine in January through the NovaVax trial. And then it was nice to know it was a guarantee with the implementation of the crossover. And then of course, it was also nice that vaccines because available to all Americans.

Because of the money from the trial, I was able to get Brigid.

Baby Brigid

I also bought a bunch of plants but we don’t talk about those because they have mostly passed on. :/

And I met Rob. ❤

My current favorite photo of Me & Rob

Also in May, I was able to see my family for the first time in two years – last time was June 2019 when they visited. And I got to see them again in October.

Summer almost felt like normal even with some Delta variant anxiety – funny how now I’ve basically forgotten about that concern. But it was sad for me because a lot of my friends graduated and left. And then in August my PI left me. But I also received my first official postdoc offer.

September started off well with Rob and I going on our first weekend away to the Berkshires.

But the rest of September and October were pretty stressful for me with my PI leaving and having to manage the lab solo, my labmate not helping, and then the whole Rob going/not going to Minnesota debacle. I decided to go back to therapy.

November everything settled down for the most part. And in December I was excited to finalize my postdoc plans and spend the holidays with Rob (post about all that here).

Of course, the news of the omicron strain was not too exciting… Rob’s brother caught it and was sick just after Christmas but it was fairly mild (like strep), he’s fine now, and no one else seemed to have gotten it from him. Also it helped me talk my parents into boosters before they set out on their travels this year which has really helped my anxiety.

Overall, I wouldn’t say 2021 was a bad year. There was definitely a lot of stress. It definitely wasn’t an easy year (are there ever any easy years after you hit adulthood?). But I was still able to have a lot of lovely experiences and fun, surround myself with good people, and stay healthy. So I really can’t ask for more.

3 thoughts on “2021 in Review

  1. Any easy years after you hit adulthood, you ask? Maybe not perfectly easy, but definitely good and even great. There are also tough and difficult years. It’s all life. It’s how we react to it that matters most. Embrace your adulthood. Look how far you’ve come. 👏👏👏

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