“There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say,
‘Yes, I’ve got dreams, of course I’ve got dreams.’
Then they put the box away and bring it out
once in awhile to look in it, and yep, they’re still there.
These are great dreams, but they never even get out of the box.
It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line,
to hold them up and say, ‘How good or how bad am I?’
That’s where courage comes in.”
– Erma Bombeck

“First” Date

We’ve been seeing each other since the beginning of this year but it’s been such a different dating scene with the whole pandemic…

Our actual first date was grabbing a cup of coffee to go in January where we drank it outside shivering in Bryant Park. We decided it was unlikely either of us were murderers, or maybe we just figured death would at least be a sweet relief from the biting cold, so we took it back to his apartment where we continued to chat in a heated building – so much better! We’ve gone hiking and grabbed plenty more coffee to go, but majority of us seeing each other has just been in each others’ homes. And while we made it a official in April, we had never gone on a “real” date. By real, I mean the more sort of traditional date where you dress up and go out to a neutral location and have someone serve you drinks/food. You know, the dates that are usually more common in the very beginning? But we have had to do things out of order. As I posted about before, we tried to go out a week and a half ago for his birthday but an out of nowhere severe thunderstorm warning stopped us. But we finally went out for our “first date” last night!

Neither of us have really been going out (i.e. pandemic) so just going out in itself was a treat!

He brought me flowers (<3). We went to one of my favorite restaurants on the island, NoaMar which has fantastic tapas. Highly recommend it. Then we went for a nice little walk around Argyle Pond down the road. The weather was absolutely perfect – we also spent a good portion of that evening just sitting outside at my house. Honestly, best date I have ever been on in my entire life! I can’t wait for more dates out with him. But I also can because I do really love our just us in our homes time.

He has such great taste in flowers
My handsome date
He makes me laugh too hard to ever smile normally

“Feeling compassion for ourselves in no way releases us from responsibility for our actions. Rather, it releases us from the self-hatred that prevents us from responding to our life with clarity and balance.” – Tara Brach