I will soon be vaccinated, if I’m not already

I received an exciting email today! The NovaVax trial I’m in got their crossover design approved. This means I will get two more injections – dose 1 and 2 of either the placebo or vaccine, whichever I didn’t get already. It will stay blinded so I won’t know which I got the first time around but what it does mean is I will be vaccinated sooner than later! Also if you weren’t aware, the phase III trial in the UK has finished and has shown it’s efficacy to be 89.3% (link).

Screenshot of email, text below

“Dear PREVENT-19 Study Participant:

Novavax is happy to announce that thanks to many volunteers like you, we have completed enrollment in the PREVENT-19 study. We want to thank you for your commitment to participation as without it, we would not be able to progress this very important research into a new COVID-19 vaccine.

We also want to take the opportunity to notify you that the Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved Novavax’s plan for a blinded crossover. What this means is that all participants will eventually receive the real vaccine. For this to happen, we first need to demonstrate that the vaccine is safe and does prevent COVID-19 disease.  Participants who choose to remain in the study on their blinded treatment. We anticipate that between one to two more months of follow-up will be required to reach that goal. Crossover vaccinations will be planned to follow thereafter.

We thank you for the extremely valuable contribution you are making to research and to society during these trying and challenging times.

Kind Regards,

The Novavax Team”

And ICYMI, here is the post Why I joined the Novavax clinical trial even though it means I have a 33% chance of not getting the vaccine (placebo)

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