Donate to Alz

Please consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Association on my behalf for my spot in the 2015 NYC Marathon.

Why do I want to run a marathon?
That’s a good question, I ask myself this everyday. But then again, why not?

Why did I choose the fight against Alzheimer’s?
For five years I worked as a nursing assistant in a nursing home and took care of many residents suffering from Alzheimer”s disease. Watching this disease was devastating. Not only for the resident but for their family. This made me decide that I wanted to pursue a career looking for a cure. But hey, I would settle for just a better form of treatment. I’m currently a research assistant at Columbia University working on a study looking at the effects of aerobic exercise on cognitive function. But I plan on applying for neuro programs in the fall and I would like to pursue research more specifically targeted to AD itself. Also a few years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with AD making it a lot more personal. So I would really like to run this race for him. And for all my family involved in his care.

Why do I want to support the Alzheimer’s Association?
Because they are an amazing organization in the fight against Alzheimer’s. They provide funding for further research, advocate at local and national levels, but also provide amazing and free services for not only those with AD but for their family and caregivers as well.

Here are their words: “Since its inaugural year in 2009, team Athletes to End Alzheimer’s (ATEA) has represented the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter in one of the world’s biggest and best-supported marathons, the TCS New York City Marathon. In 2014, 134 runners took to the streets in Alzheimer’s Association purple, showing their support for the cause and their affected loved ones to not only New York City but an estimated 2 million spectators from all over the world.”


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