Where I am at these days…

I chopped about five inches off my hair last Friday. I had to take advantage of the fact I could get a $37 women’s haircut in the Poconos. I’ve been loving having shorter hair again. I just feel most like me with my hair in a bob.

My haircut + one last photo of Hachi

My friend’s flight got delayed (no surprise there if you pay attention to the news) so I didn’t get back to New York until Tuesday afternoon. It was so great to see Rob finally! He took me out on a date to an Italian restaurant down the street. I got a porcini pasta and had a glass of red wine. And then we picked up a crepe and a cappuccino at our favorite cafe. I only nibbled at his crepe because I was so full from dinner but next time I’m going to get my own because it was fantastic! Then we cuddled and caught up on Only Murders in the Building. Do any of you watch that show?

Wednesday, I took the train into Philly to lock down my housing. I looked at a handful of studios and one bedrooms in Center City and honestly, with an exception of one they were all tiny sh*tholes. I mean I was trying to keep my budget around 1200 and I’m sure if I upped it would have been better but I don’t have the income to up it. Also another option would be to extend my commute but I was really trying to keep it under 20 minutes. Anyway long story short, Philadelphia and especially that area in Philly has a big push to preserve old buildings. But because they are all so old they don’t really have functional layouts and the kitchens are atrocious. Many would only fit a twin unless you wanted to sacrifice closing a closet door. And the one closet was tiny. Most of the kitchens didn’t even have a full sink and I’m not about to wash my pots and pans in the bathtub. Plus, they only had about one foot of useable counterspace if even. And you were lucky if it had an oven. And don’t get me started on parking. It didn’t help that it was hot as you know where so walking around was a little miserable. But I did really want to entertain the idea of living by myself. I felt I owed that to myself even though I was already leaning towards this roommate situation I found on Facebook.

I will be living with a roommate. She’s a 27 year old engineer and she just purchased this cute little renovated rowhouse that is only a 20 minute commute by public transportation from work. Rowhouses in Philly are fun and if you’re not sure what those are, they are just these super skinny houses. It has a little backyard, an unfinished basement with laundry, the first floor is a shared kitchen and tiny living room, the second floor is her floor with two rooms and a bathroom, and then I will be on the third floor in the master suite. It is a good size – can definitely fit a queen and then some, has a walk in closet, its own bathroom and what I’m most thrilled about a ceiling fan! Also there is easy street parking! Plus, I really liked her! She just gives off good vibes, I even invited her out to dinner with my friend and I that night. We all had a fun ladies’ night with sangria and tapas. Plus, she has two cats that are so cute and friendly. And what I realized house-sitting in the Poconos is that I really enjoy having animals around.

I actually came home gushing about the cats and Rob was like shhhh, don’t let Bunny hear you! I don’t think she’ll be happy to know she’s replaced so easily. Speaking of Bunny, she cuddled me last night while I slept which was a first! I think it’s fair to say she missed me!

Anyway, Thursday, I went back to Stony Brook and packed up everything I had left there. I didn’t have much but I did need my bike which I am now storing in my car. I said some goodbyes but it’s also not the end. I’m sure I will go back again eventually. But ideally, I won’t have to go back for work. And I don’t have to since there is nothing there. Also while I was there, a grad student in a neighboring lab had to vent. They looked like they were going to explode, vented for like 45 minutes and then apologized for venting like that. I couldn’t help but chuckle, I was like hey I get it and don’t apologize, you are literally me from a few months ago. I mean I feel bad for them, it sucks and a lot of it is unnecessary BS. But it was also a nice reminder that it wasn’t just me being crazy and that with time things work themselves out. I suggested to them that they should find a friend with a nice place that they can house sit for to recover. They laughed and was like you know you’re not the first person to suggest that.

Today and this weekend, I need to finish my analysis and my writing. My professor also said we can meet next week to finalize the manuscript and FINALLY set my defense date. But first I got distracted writing this update and shopping for my new place. I’m so thrilled to finally feel like I’m moving forward. And I had to book a hotel for next Wednesday when Rob and I are in Philly for the LANY concert. (My favorite LANY song is this in case you’re curious). I hadn’t been planning on spending much since the reality is when I bought these tickets in the spring I thought I’d already be living in Philly but if I’m gonna spend money why not make it extra fun? So I booked us a cute little bed and breakfast. I’m debating if I should tell him or just let him be surprised when we pull up and he realizes we’re not staying in a hotel.

Okay, so I gotta share the goods of shopping for my new place. I just ordered this headboard and bedframe from Article. I have had my eyes on it for months, I did a lot of online window shopping as a coping mechanism. It is the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made aside from my car. So something about me is I get very uncomfortable spending money. It’s not the money per se, it’s the idea of being wasteful or excessive. In the past, my bed has just consisted of a cheap $30 bedframe because really it does the same thing. But I really like how this looked and I am transitioning to life where I get to get what I want and not have to make so many sacrifices (grad school asked for so many). Plus, I figured I could justify the extra expense a little bit by the fact the headboard also doubles as two night stands for the shelving. And I even spent extra for it to be delivered to the room and assembled. This was my sister’s advice, she ordered furniture from them before and was too cheap to do this and she claimed has never regretted anything more than when she was lugging her furniture up stairs from her front door. Plus, my room is up two flights of narrow stairs and it was only an extra $100.

Article Kouva Headboard

I also splurged and bought myself this Work From Home standing desk. I was going to set it up at Rob’s but then decided it was easier to just leave in the box until I moved.

Work From Home Creators Stand Up Desk

Next priority is a mattress which I’m planning to get from Nectar. I’m just waiting so when I order the delivery will match with my move-in of September 1.

I’m also really dreaming of this Ikea Idasen cabinet in green, maybe use it as a TV stand if I buy a TV? And I will probably want to get myself some sort of chair. I was thinking about this one from Ikea but also was thinking of getting a more plush one. And then I also really want to splurge on this carafe/cup combo in teal – I think it would look great on my headboard.

Do you have any suggestions of a cute chair? Or any other ideas of things I may need or even not need for my new space?

P.S. I’m not affiliated to any of these companies or items. I just shared links because I hate when someone posts something I like and I can’t track it down.

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