Late post because it is a late night in lab. I’ll probably be here until midnight and I am not excited to see how icy the roads are when I leave. But I am excited to see Rob tomorrow because it’s been three weeks! And I’m also excited to see his new apartment. It has nice bathtub so my main plans are to hang out with him and take a nice bubble bath with some Epsom salt.

What are you up to this weekend?

Medicine is a social science

Will omicron leave most of us immune? Probably not

These are the latest COVID treatments

“We need to get back to normal,” I say, while I continue to live my life normally, as I have throughout this pandemic McSweeney’s slays

Antimicrobial resistance now causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide I feel like this is something we should worry about

U.S. science no longer leads the world. Here’s how top advisers say the nation should respond

The FDA needs to impose fines on companies and institutions that refuse to make their clinical trial data public

Pandemic amplifies postdoc struggles :/

Is crowdsourced peer review better than our traditional model?

Writing or wasting time? The written word is never a waste!

1,100 delicate drawings of root systems These are beautiful and remind me of neurons!

Do you know what you sign away when you click ‘I Agree’? This is actually a very interesting ethical debate in public policy that I learned about last year in our STEM policy course. Some argue that since it is the government’s job to protect it’s citizens, the government should also have oversight on these agreements vs just leaving it up to the consumer to simply agree or disagree and giving companies’ free range to do whatever…

How to stop motivating yourself with guilt

The origin of the Shirley Temple mocktail I rememeber ordering these as a kid and feeling so special!

Have you heard of the Washing Machine Project? It’s so cool!

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