Unfinished and Untitled

I shared a poem that I recently wrote with my writing group last night. It is unfinished but I have the major backbone down, I want to flush out more details through out it and fix some continuity issues. My writing group is lovely and I really appreciate them giving me a space to be vulnerable but also to help me workshop my piece to be what I really want it to be. While it isn’t there yet, I do like how it is in it’s early form and would like to remember where it started so I will share it with you how it is as of right now, unedited and unworkshopped.


I lay there huddled on the floor
weeping into a puddle

You hover above me
yelling at me to get up
rolling your eyes
telling me to quit being so damn emotional

And then he arrives
And he lays on the floor with me
He encircles me in his arms
And he cries
Our tears mixing
Until our puddle becomes a lake

A lake that is ours
And together we build a raft
And we float to calmer waters

We build a boat
to withstand the harsher storms

And we explore the distant shores

Together we build a home

And yes, my current partner did inspire me to write this poem back in February. But it’s not necessarily about them. But maybe it will be. 😉 It is about healing from my past abuses and letting go of someone who isn’t right for me, and finding someone who accepts me as me as I am and our growth together. But I do have to give my current partner credit because they definitely helped give me renewed faith and hope when it comes to relationships. And being in a good space which I am these days, allows me to reflect back and work through my experiences in a productive manner. It is not without pain but it is without wallowing in a dark place. It’s not easy but it is therapeutic. And overall it feels good to get this out on paper. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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