What are you up to this weekend?

I have a relaxing evening planned for tonight, yoga class (gotta work on those resolutions) and then binging on Orange Is The New Black before passing out. You’ve probably caught on by now that my Friday evening plans are usually pretty laid back. Tomorrow I’m driving up to Massachusetts with my cousin and his family to go to my Aunt Mo’s annual Father’s Day BBQ. Last time I was at one of these BBQs I think I was 14. And the last time I saw most of these relatives was 5 years ago. So it will be nice catching up. As for Sunday, I will be doing Solstice yoga in Times Square like I did last year. And as per usual there will be plenty of running sprinkled in this weekend.

Life in Motion Studio on the UWS has a great view down Broadway

Are you doing anything special for Father’s day? What about for summer solstice?

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending Sunday with my father. But I will definitely be giving him a phone call. Reminder: Call your dad this Sunday! I’ve seen a lot of great gift ideas floating around on the blogosphere. My family doesn’t exchange gifts for holidays like this – only Christmas and birthdays. Is that weird?

And here is my link round up for a week (took kind of an unplanned zen theme):

What style of yoga is best for you? I’m definitely an ashtanga and vinyasa fan

Meditating didn’t “work” until I tried this

Have you tried this meditation phone app? I’m thinking of giving it a try

10 small ways to make this the least stressful summer of your life

40 powerful mantras to help you think more positively

14 Practical ways to show more gratitude

Running a half as told by emojis  I can vouch that this is totally true! There is also a full marathon version

Have you heard of the subway symphony idea? Replacing those awful MTA beeps with musical notes? Yes please!

25 Daily habits to make you smarter How many of these do you do?

6 Reasons you should do things alone

Why do we experience awe?

Not zen related , but have you seen these amazing shelves? Amazing is an understatement

And some Father’s day related links:

5 Comedians on fatherhood

21 Tweets that hilariously sum up what it’s like to be a parent

How do you thank your parents?

P.S. Did you read about my trip to Spain last week?


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