Madrid – Day 1

I have decided to break up mi viaje a Espana into multiple posts otherwise it will just be too overwhelming (for both you and me). So here is post numero uno.

I arrived to Madrid, Spain before 9am on Saturday, June 6th. I wasn’t supposed to check into my AirBnB until 11am so I had some time to kill. I decided to take a taxi from the airport to the apartment I was staying in and just explore that area/not get lost before check in. I managed to have a completely in Spanish conversation (I’m not saying it was good Spanish) with my taxi driver. I asked him where a good place to run was and he told me that I definitely needed to check out el Parque del Retiro.

Spoiler: I did not run at all on my vacation. Oops.

The taxi driver dropped me off at the apartment which was in the barrio Las Delicias. It was a lovely neighborhood. I walked up the street and ended up at el Museo del Prado.


Museo del Prado was amazing. It is definitely my favorite art museum (at least of the ones I’ve seen). I was blown away by las pinturas negras by Goya and all the work by El Bosco.

After the museum I checked into my AirBnB and passed out. I awoke around sunset so I decided to wander around Madrid at night.

Plaza Mayor


Puerta del sol

And in Puerta del sol I met up with a Madrid native named Alejandro. We went out for drinks and I think that’s where I’ll leave the story for now…

3 thoughts on “Madrid – Day 1

  1. […] Tomorrow I’m going to a spin class in the morning (another good reason to rest and not do yoga tonight) and then the Swan Lake ballet at the Met Opera house in the afternoon with my friend, Maneeza. Later we’re meeting up with Yalda and hoping to check out this vegan restaurant. Apparently they are booked solid for the next two months but said that they take walk ins to eat at the bar and chef’s table so we’re going to see if we can get in. As for Sunday, I have a training run/scavenger hunt with the Alzheimer’s Association and hopefully some things checked off on my long, long to do list such as working on parts 2 and 3 for this post. […]


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