What are you up to this weekend?

As I mentioned last week, I’m going on vacation. In fact, I board my flight at 7:30pm tonight to…drum roll please…Spain! I will be landing in Madrid tomorrow morning and then flying back next weekend from Barcelona. As to what is happening in between, who knows. I’m traveling solo and itinerary-less and I couldn’t be more excited.

Have you ever traveled solo? When and where? Would you do it again?

Here is a little update on running. I mentioned in my running story that I’d be running the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Well I ran it last night with my office and my time was 27:37 for the 3.3 mile course (8:37min/mile pace). I forgot how much I hate running NYC races, they are just so incredibly congested. My first mile was dodging around people. Please people, seed yourself appropriately for you running/walking pace!! (can you tell this is a peeve of mine?!)

And in typical Friday fashion, here are some of my favorite links I’ve stumbled across this week:

Tampon flasks? Say what?!

23 popsicles to get you drunk

Not into session beers? Try these session cocktails

This movie plot quiz (fyi: we love quizzes in my office)

These motivational posters made me lol

This is hilarious. How to prepare for parenthood in a 11 easy steps

What’s in a name?

Forgetting the pain of exercise – This explains why people are crazy enough to run marathons more than once

I knew eating a daily chocolate bar was too good to be true. =( How this man fooled millions into thinking chocolate aided in weight loss. Both brilliant and terrifying.

Have you seen this amazing travel blog? Mr + Mrs Globetrot This couple documents their 6 month honeymoon around the world. #jealous

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