I’m pretty sure at the end of every week I tell you that I’ve been so busy and that I’m exhausted or some familiar variation. Well guess what? This week is no different. I’ve just been go go go. You saw my photos of last weekend and my weeknights have been no better. Tuesday I visited a coworker’s wife and baby for a few hours so she could talk to an adult (and not go crazy) and have a bit of respite from childcare (and not go crazy), Wednesday S finally came back from Atlanta (gone a month and a half) so I spent the entire afternoon/evening with him, and last night I had drinks with my friend, Yalda for her birthday. But soon I will get to relax. Soon but not this weekend. This weekend I will be busy getting everything ready for the vacation I’m going on next weekend. Yes, that’s right, VACATION!

So what are you up to this weekend?

Unfortunately preparing for vacation means a long to do list of laundry, cleaning, errands, and even coming into work on the weekend (sigh). But I also have some fun plans sprinkled in there too. Dinner with Yalda tomorrow – let the birthday festivities continue! And brunch with my friend, Sean because we realized if we don’t hang out this week we won’t see each other again for a few months. Now it will just be like one month. -_-

This week’s link round up (it’s a doozy)

Why Some People Can’t Stand Having Unread Emails Which one are you? I hate having unread emails.

How to treat the homeless: tips from actual homeless people

I love this article about sexual orientation, The Truth Has Changed 

Most Romantic Lines from Literature 

Let’s Get Drinks Shouldn’t be that complicated, right? Wrong! Honestly before I lived in NYC I wouldn’t get this but somehow moving from suburban/rural is a time suck and you are always way more busy.

These Olive Oil Raspberry Sea Salt Brownies sound amazing but the weather is now too hot for me to turn my oven on so maybe in a few months I’ll be up for baking again.

I really like the blog A Beautiful Mess and they’ve recently posted two crafts I might actually do…one day…maybe. Hand colored photographs and a metal grate memo board

Oh and here let me help spread that Feminist “Agenda” 😉

I love Amy Schumer

This badass teenager’s note  about her school’s sexist dress code

Feminist Lisa Frank Tumblr, well okay

Great responses  to being asked about your love life (because that’s the only thing that’s important when you’re a woman)

Dating Tips for the Feminist Man: We Need Allies, Not Gentlemen

These illustrations

And a handful of science links because science is my life you know.

House spending panel does its best to hide large cut to NSF social and geosciences research

Retracted Scientific Studies: A Growing List

Why Open Sourcing Research is a Good Way to Make Monies

When will “Open Science” become simply “Science”

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