Weekend Photo Round Up

Friday: Skipping yoga because these cuties came in the mail and I just had to pot them

10995357_627824110652845_7580155194183620203_n (2)
The Aftermath

Saturday: Exploring Nyack + the Writing Group

The Early Arrivers
Off to explore the town



11101126_10153062361679055_4843093518374566133_o (1)
The arrival of the rest of the gang
Our wonderful host, Chris

Sunday: Hiking Harriman State Park (14 miles!)

11202951_10100515823857022_6634831627258046068_n (1)
Lunch at Lake Skenoto

11209564_627282547373668_8222976828649819430_n (1)

11146505_627282434040346_2055878037592350419_o (1)

Train Station at Tuxedo

Monday: Palisades with my Trail Running group

11251626_627823313986258_8065402064418660137_n (1)
Trail Running Group (these people are nuts)

Sorry, no pics of my date with the sexy firefighter.

11150461_627822963986293_243718486309466934_n (1)
George Washington Bridge

        And we can’t forget the reason for this long weekend, thank you to all those who have served! I hope everyone else’s Memorial weekend was as enjoyable as mine.


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