What are you up to on this long holiday weekend? I’ll be spending most of my weekend “upstate” – think BBQ in Nyack Saturday with my writing group, Harriman State Park for some hiking Sunday, and then Monday (after I force myself on a long run) I’ll head up to Pleasantville (yes, like the movie) to hang out with this cute (super cute!) firefighter I’ve been seeing. But as for this evening, I’m just going to take it easy and relax. My boss always let’s us out of the office at 3pm on holiday weekends so I plan on spending my afternoon (yay daylight!) enjoying an iced coffee and reading Catch-22 Central Park before my usual Friday yoga routine.

And for all of those who were curious, my Pint of Science event went great this week. As did all the rest. We had over 500 people turn up those 3 nights to learn more about science.

And here is my weekly link round up for y’all:

Why the world needs more scientists

I love James Hamblin and his health videos at The Atlantic. This week he had a great video (and hilarious, obvs) on the rational defense of sleeping alone 

You will never believe what the print is on this super cute dress 

Mindy Kaling is writing a book with B.J. Novak about their relationship?! I love Mindy Kaling! Her book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” was hilarious. I can’t wait until her book “Why Not Me?” comes out. And I may have cried with tears of joy after I heard Hulu was saving the Mindy Project (I can’t believe Fox cut it!)

Have you seen this adorable video  of couples “aging”?

How to replace all snacks with a handful of almonds

And last but not least…
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess’s Fitness Story from this morning
(I’ve been loving checking out fitness stories/running blogs as inspiration to keep me going in my own training)


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