What are you up to this weekend?

I’m leaving work early today and flying home to Minnesota for a quick weekend so I can watch my baby sister graduate from college. I can’t believe she is graduating from college! And the best part is my parents don’t know I’m coming so we’ll be surprising them. Also it’s my dad’s 59th birthday Friday and Mother’s day this weekend so it’s like the Holy Trinity of celebrations.


Her High School Graduation in 2011
My Sister’s High School Graduation in 2011

Speaking of Mother’s day, these handmade gifts  are awesome. Although I’m hoping my presence is good enough because I don’t have the time/money/energy to get these done this time around. Maybe Christmas.
And here are some of my other favorite links from around the web:

What type of -phile are you? I’m definitely a clinophile

Brutally honest empathy cards – These are great

Women trying to politely end conversations with men in Western Art History  – These are absolutely hilarious!

Sound can put out fire – Yes, you read that right. Sound can put out fire!

She takes the make-up off dolls – The feminist inside me screams YES! I love this idea

F*ck that! – A cute reminder that you should live life to the fullest and sometimes the best way to do so is to say f*ck that to certain things!

How to make great drink on the plane – My normal go to is drinking a large glass or two of red wine in the airport and passing out before take off
Slightly more serious links that I feel are worth the share:

Appearing happy on Facebook may be used against you in the court of law

Oprah is breaking up with Dr. Oz – All I can say it’s about damn time! I’m not really a fan of Oprah because she promotes people that have no business being promoted (e.g. Dr. Oz, Jenny McCarthy) so it’s good to see her cutting those ties


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