Absolutely Heartbroken

The Minnesota Wild were swept by the Chicago Blackhawks.

My initial reaction was this tweet:


I had resigned myself to thinking we weren’t moving on after 2nd period this game. We just haven’t been showing up. But that’s not the heartbreak. The heartbreak is giving me hope again just so you can dash it once more.

Imagine this, it’s 3-1 and we get a power play at 3:58 left in the third. We pull Dubnyk a few seconds later for 6 on 4 . We get some good chances (like why did you miss these chances) and Chi goes and gets an empty netter. If you had any hope at this point it’s gone. You’re like yup, no way. I should head to the parking lot now and skip out on the traffic. 4-1 with 3 minutes remaining in the game and the Wild finally decide to show up. Spurgeon gets a goal followed shortly by Niederreiter for a 4-3 and 1:27 to go. And as you already know (since I told you) we don’t get that fourth goal in. It’s unfortunate because the Wild is a really good team… when they want to be. If we had showed up at the beginning (or game 2 or 3) and not in the last 3 minutes maybe we’ be moving on.

But I guess this just isn’t your year, MN Wild (or mine look at my my bracket). Better luck next year. Time to retire this shirt until October.



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