If you’re trying to make plans with me the next few weeks and they don’t involve hockey the answer is no. I love hockey (you should know this by now). Playoffs started yesterday and I spent 5.5 hours watching hockey last night and was up past midnight. Yes, I did get a venti coffee this morning. And chugged it.

I’m obviously rooting for MN Wild to all the way. But you might catch me rooting for Calgary Flames and the New York Islanders. Woot! Woot!

Did you set your brackets? Because I did. Here’s my round 1.
IMG_20150415_230533 (1)

So tell me who you’re rooting for (please don’t say the Rangers).
And in the spirit of playoffs, here are some of my favorite hockey links:

If you don’t know about this site: We Just Scored, then you’re missing out. You can listen to your favorite team’s goal horn and song. Don’t ask me how often I actually do this (let’s just say often).

Hockey jokes ’nuff said. I find them all hilarious.

Also the Bleacher Buddy app (Android & Apple) is my favorite for finding which channel the game is on. Works for all sports – including college. Just enter your zip code and TV provider to find the game. Easy to change if you’re bar hopping and need to find the channel for them. Surprisingly, a lot of NYC bars don’t just automatically play MN hockey, who woulda thunk it?

And if you don’t really care much about hockey at least check out the hot players this Buzzfeed article compiled.


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