Wait, you live with a dude?!

Yes, I (a female) live with a dude.

Yes, just him. No other roommates.

I didn’t really think twice about it when moving in but you’d be amazed about how many people comment to both of us about being roommates with the opposite sex. It’s like, hello it’s 2015.

Although there are some states that cohabitation is still illegal. WTF?! Yes, I know.

Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia have anti-cohabitation laws. Yikes! They often aren’t enforced and cohabitation is legally defined as an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis.

The above, obviously does not apply to my roommate situation but I thought it still was worthy of a mention because I find it so appalling.

Honestly, I don’t find anything weird about having a male roommate or really anything different than when I lived with just females. Roommates can be so different in general, I don’t think gender really factors into whether you’ll have a compatible living situation or not. Having had 8 roommates over the years, 10 if you count summer subletters I feel I have pretty good authority to speak on the subject.

I picked my current living situation because it was renovated, affordable, and walking distance from work. And I have no regrets. I like my roommate and no it’s not weird. We occasionally hang out or go out together and which is always fun. But mainly we do our own thing and sometimes don’t even run into each other for days. So I often feel like I’m living alone while still keeping the benefits of splitting the cable bill and cleaning chores.


So yes, I live with a guy and it’s great! Except that I have to deal with all the stereotypes, questions, and unwarranted advice. So let’s address them. (If you have more questions, the comment section is below, ask away.)

Here are some of my favorite questions:

What does your mom think?
Umm, that she is happy I found a nice place to live and am not residing in a box under the bridge…

Are you guys banging?

Is it weird?


As for the stereotypes, they are mainly crap.

He keeps the place neat and clean.

He has more shoes than me, like way more.

He takes longer to primp. Actually, I don’t even really know what primping is. It means just brushing your teeth before going out, right?

As for a true stereotype, yes, girls do use more toilet paper.


Also people have a ton of advice on to how to live with a roommate of the opposite sex. The funny thing is, all of this advice should just be applied to living with a roommate in general. Examples include: discussing overnight guests, how much (or little) clothing is appropriate to run around the apartment in, clean up after yourself, etc.

Does it bother me if my roommate walks around in his boxers? No. Did I mention I had a female roommate in college who used to like to chill in the roommate naked? Much weirder.

Don’t bang your roommate. Well uh… duh! And can I say that I find this to be a completely ignorant heteronormative comment!


Are there upsides to having a roommate of the opposite sex? Yes. For example, if one of his lady friends leaves something at our place and another lady friend comes over and wants to knows WHOSE that is. He can just say it’s mine. (This is a joke, my roommate is a super nice guy and wouldn’t do anything scummy like this).


Wait, did I mention my roommate is black?




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