CC’s Recommended Reads & Views

You should read:
Nobody is Ever Missing
I finished this novel earlier this week and have been struggling to put together the words I want to say about it (still am). It depicts the stream-of-consciousness of a woman struggling with depression who just takes off from her life one day. It’s great, just read it.

You should watch:
Head Over Heels
An Oscar-Nominated Stop-Motion short film by a student (a student!) about the struggles of an upside down relationship. It was released two years ago and the creator, Timothy Reckart has finally made it viewable on the web. Definitely a must see. Grab your tissues, especially if you’re an overly emotional person like me (I’m a Pisces, I can’t help it!).

You should listen to:
Bjork’s newest album, she released it at the beginning of this year. Oh and did I mention I saw her on Wednesday? Oh I didn’t? Well I did. And she is absolutely amazing! Also New York City Center has a beautiful theatre.


And I’m excited to check out her exhibit at MoMA this weekend.

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