How to move CC style

Decide that throwing a party will be a great way to motivate yourself to get your apartment packed and cleaned for your move out on Saturday. On your motivation high, do two loads of laundry and pack one 18 gallon Rubbermaid tub.

Instead of packing go to your writing group and stay out until 1am. But hey, you took out two bags of garbage out on your way out. Also you invited a random person you never met from writing group and texted out some invites. So good on you.

Realize that you are so not ready. Stay up until 1am packing, barely make a dent because you’re too busy cleaning. Thank your other roommates for not helping with the common areas at all! Scrub your bathroom until it sparkles. Always a party necessity.

Wake up at 5 am before work to get a few hours of packing in. Upgrade packing status to small dent. Friday get home and do one more load of laundry and a quick run to the liquor store. Go out for a dinner date. Get home in time to enjoy one glass of wine with your date before the party starts. Party.

Still partying. Text mover at 5:30 am that you are so sorry but something came up and you will need to reschedule your moving time. And by something came up you mean that you still have party guests over. Seriously, go the fuck home already. (Just kidding, I loved those of you who lingered – gave us time to discuss party happenings) Sleep entire day because you were just up over 24 hours straight. Get really, really stoned that night so you can sleep and get back on a normal schedule.

After lounging around most of the morning, walk to Dunkin for some coffee and maybe a donut (Boston Kreme), and actually get some packing done. Text mover to reschedule move to Tuesday am. Pray to whoever that you are actually ready this time because you can’t reschedule again. Also repeat this mantra to yourself, “I will get boxes on Monday. I will get boxes on Monday. I will get boxes on Monday.” Because apparently you need boxes for moving.

And in case you’re curious as to how I managed to move across the country if I can’t even handle packing to move 70 some blocks; my mom and dad pretty much packed everything for me and then I hired someone to move it all for me. I am an excellent unpacker though – everything was put away within 2 days.


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