Expanding My Mind One Gallery at a Time


Here in the Real World by John Miller

Other exhibits visited:
Augmented Objects by Camille Henrot
Dérive(s) curated by Domain Dauriac
John Waters: Beverly Hill John

Chelsea (and just NYC) has so many lovely art galleries. I love living here and just being able to venture down there with no expectations and stumbling in not knowing if my mind will get a good blowing, experience a life altering perspective, or just wonder if I could recreate the same garbage and pass it off for 12k too.

On a slightly different note, I also watched 50 Shades the Musical Parody at Elektra Theatre yesterday. It was amazing. Not only was it hilarious but it lampooned the book in just the right way. (FYI I have some beef with the series and yes I read it) Also it was just the right amount of raunchy although you should still leave your children at home (I don’t think under 18 is admitted anyway).

It is so great to have time (and the energy) to enjoy my life again. And I’m thoroughly doing so.

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