2015 Resolutions

Obviously, it is super original to address your 2015 resolutions on your blog, I’m super happy I’m the first one to ever think of doing this! Also I’m totally on time posting about this.

Anyway, here goes…

Read 52 books
This is a repeat of my 2014 resolution, which I failed to meet. Although I did read about 30 some books, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a failure. And so far I’ve already read 2 books this year, can you say on track?!

Run 700 miles
That’s an average of 13.5 miles a week which is totally doable for me (sometimes I run up to 18). But the challenge is keeping up the consistency aka not taking months off at a time.
Total miles run in 2015: 0
I might be a little behind. =/

Seek more meaningful relationships
This mainly applies to romantic relationships. It’s basically my way of saying, “Hey CC, let’s be less of a slut this year, k?” But with this variation I can admit it out loud to people without getting the judgmental look that comes when I say I want to be less of a slut. Also, it does apply to friendships (new and existing) too but I am not really struggling in that department. But don’t underestimate the importance of maintenance (this statement seriously applies to everything!).

Do (more) yoga
I used to do yoga regularly. Hell, I was planning on doing a 200 hour yoga teacher training last spring before I moved. I’m not sure what happened but I don’t do yoga anymore and I don’t like it. On a brighter note, I did wake up extra early this morning to run through five A and B plus a warrior sequence. Baby steps.

What are you resolutions?


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