I feel the clock ticking…

Or should I say bomb.

As I previously mentioned, I came to Manhattan to pursue my dreams. You’re probably thinking I want to be a Broadway performer or highly paid financial something or other.

Well you’re wrong.

I want to be a research scientist. And with that dream comes the joy of applying to highly competitive doctoral programs.

Wait, why did I come out here?

I was offered a research assistant position at a prominent university. Nothing like padding your CV with an Ivy League name. Especially when you received your B.S. at a college that only causes people to ask, “Where?!”

Anyway, back to the ticking time bomb. I woke up the other day and realized I have barely over a year to transform my mediocre application into something that will wow the socks off an admission committee.

And yes, I just said wow the socks off…

Now back to the point of this post.

What does preparing to apply for doctoral programs look like?

Lots of coffee.
Countless hours of GRE prep.
Researching the various programs.
Saving your pennies so you can dole out the thousands it will cost to apply.
More coffee.
Stalking professors via the world wide web.
Reading stacks of journal articles. Gotta stay up to date.
Writing a statement of purpose.
Tailoring your statement of purpose to each program.
Searching for other opportunities to add to your CV.
Trying to come up with an independent project to do in your lab.
Frequent glancing at the clock/calendar and wondering where the time goes.

Oh and the most important. Trying to have a social life.

I mean come on. I am single, young, and live in New York City for God’s sake. My SOP can wait.

Speaking of which, I have to go. I have a date. 😉

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